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UNI professors explain the concept of war from various perspectives

March 17, 2003

Gwenne Culpepper, University Marketing & Public Relations, (319) 273-2761


News Brief

Following is a story lead and the University of Northern Iowa sources who can best address this topic. Feel free to contact the sources directly.

Note to editors and news directors: UNI is on spring break through Friday, March 21. The first number listed for a source is the office phone number; home phone numbers are listed second.

UNI professors explain the concept of war from various perspectives

Anti-war perspectives

The UNI Anti-War Coalition

Student Jesse Wozniak at, 222-3910

Assistant Professor John Grinstead, assistant professor of modern languages, at, 273-2417

Basic training and general leadership preparation of cadets; cannot talk about current war strategy, or comment on any war preparations

Lt. Col. Robert Stavnes, head, Department of Military Science, (319) 273-6220,


Blowback (CIA term for unintended consequences of an action taken by the United States), and Sept. 11 relationship to current crisis

Gerri Perreault, director of leadership studies, (319) 273-6898, 268-0936

Christian perspectives on war, and Christianity and the 'just' war

Betty DeBerg, head, Department of Philosophy and Religion, (319) 273-6221,


Historical, political, strategic and religious aspects of war

John Grinstead, assistant professor of modern languages, and peace activist with Cedar Valley Churches for Peace, and Iowa Voices for a Just Peace in the Middle East, (319) 273-2417

Military and diplomatic history of war

Donald Shepardson, professor of history, (319) 273-2502, 266-6025

Pacifism and perspectives of the 'peace churches' on war

Martha Reineke, professor of philosophy and religion, (319) 273-6233

Political aspects of war

Steven Lobell, associate professor of political science, (319) 273-2647

Political strategies and rhetoric, religious views, social and psychological ramifications, human rights concerns, and dynamics of genocide and/or mass killings

Kent Sandstrom, associate professor of sociology and anthropology,

(319) 273-2769, 235-8030

Public relations and war

Dean Kruckeberg, professor of communication studies, (319) 273-2501,


The war tradition in Christianity

Kenneth Atkinson, assistant professor of philosophy and religion,

(319) 273-6990, 266-0400

Note: Atkinson also served four years with the U.S. Army during the Cold War inside the Berlin Wall.