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UNI professors explain the concept of war from various perspectives

January 26, 2003

Gwenne Culpepper, University Marketing & Public Relations, (319) 273-2761

Today, the United Nations' inspectors in Iraq will release a progress report on that country's compliance with a resolution requiring full disclosure of all weapons of mass destruction. At the same time, the United States continues its build-up of troops and weaponry in the Middle East, preparing for what some say is an invevitable war. Several professors at the University of Northern Iowa are well-versed on various aspects of war, and are available for the media.

The war tradition in Christianity;

Kenneth Atkinson, assistant professor of philosophy and religion, (319) 273-6990

Note: Atkinson also served four years with the U.S. Army during the Cold War inside the Berlin Wall.

Christian perspectives on war, and Christianity and the 'just' war.

Betty DeBerg, head, Department of Philosophy and Religion, (319) 273-6221

Historical, political, strategic and religious aspects of war

John Grinstead, assistant professor of modern languages, and peace activist with Cedar Valley Churches for Peace, and Iowa Voices for a Just Peace in the Middle East, (319) 273-2417

Public relations and war

Dean Kruckeberg, professor of communication studies, (319) 273-2501

Political aspects of war

Steven Lobell, associate professor of political science, (319) 273-2647

Blowback (CIA term for unintended consequences of an action taken by the United States), and Sept. 11 relationship to current crisis

Gerri Perreault, director of leadership studies, (319) 273-6898

Pacifism and perspectives of the 'peace churches' on war

Martha Reineke, professor of philosphy and religion, (319) 273-6233

Political strategies and rhetoric, religious views, social and psychological ramifications, human rights concerns, and dynamics of genocide and/or mass killings

Kent Sandstrom, associate professor of sociology and anthropology, (319) 273-2769

Military and diplomatic history of war

Donald Shepardson, professor of history, (319) 273-2502

Basic training and general leadership preparation of cadets; cannot talk about current war strategy, or comment on any war preparations

LTC. Robert Stavnes, head, Department of Military Science, (319) 273-6220