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UNI faculty delve into ethics at all levels<br>

November 4, 2002

Gwenne Culpepper, University Marketing & Public Relations, (319) 273-2761

Home to one of the country's largest contingents of business ethics scholars, UNI also is home to a number of scholars with expertise on ethics in other areas. Areas of expertise are listed below the individuals' names.

Michael Blackwell, director, multicultural education, (319) 273-2250

Teaches courses on Catholic business ethics, religion and ethics; holds a doctorate in social ethics

Bill Clohesy, associate professor of philosophy and religion, (319) 273-6123

Teaches a graduate course in ethics in public policy

Margaret Holland, associate professor of philosophy and religion, (319) 273-5975

Teaches 'Reasoning About Moral Problems'

Dean Kruckeberg, professor of communications studies, (319) 273-2501

Researches social responsibility of transnational corporations

Tony McAdams, professor of management, (319) 273-6020

Bestselling author of 'Law, Business and Society,' and co-author of 'The Legal Environment of Business'

David Morgan, assistant professor of philosophy and religion, (319) 273-6449

Bio-medical ethics

Gerri Perreault, director, Leadership Studies, (319) 273-6898

Has conducted extensive research on ethics

Jerome Soneson, associate professor of philosophy and religion, (319) 273-2990

Environmental ethics

David Saiia, assistant professor of management, (319) 273-2310

Dale Cyphert, instructor in management, (319) 273-6150

Co-authors of articles on corporate social responsibility, managers and ethical issues, ethical public discussion

Donald Schmits, associate professor of educational psychology and foundations, (319) 273-3384

Ethics and the practice of school psychology

Jerry Smith, professor of management, (319) 273-7024

Business ethics

Stephen Taft, head, Department of Theatre, (319) 273-6386

Developed a course, 'Arts, Ethics and the Athlete,' at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Harry VanBuren, visiting professor of management, (319) 273-2020

The intersection of religious belief and ethical reflection about business

Donna Wood, David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics, (319) 273-2196

One of the country's leading scholars in business, society and ethics