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UNI earth science students experience 'Paleontology of the Canadian Rockies'<br>

November 4, 2002

John Groves, assistant professor of geology, (319) 273-3072
Vicki Grimes, University Marketing & Public Relations, (319) 273-2761

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- Eight University of Northern Iowa students experienced first hand the 'Paleontology of the Canadian Rockies,' visiting Alberta and British Columbia, Canada recently as the culmination of a four-week course on the topic.

__(Name)__, a UNI __(classification)__ from __(hometown)__, was among the students in the course taught by John Groves, UNI assistant professor of geology.

The main goal of the course was to teach students about the evolutionary significance of the Burgess Shale fauna, a well-preserved assemblage of fossils that lived about 510 million years ago.

Note: to obtain a listing of the students, please contact the Office of University Marketing and Public Relations at 319273-2761.