UNI biology professor co-edits new book, 'The Farm as Natural Habitat'

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2002

Laura Jackson, UNI associate professor of biology, (319) 273-2705
Vicki Grimes, University Marketing & Public Relations, (319) 273-2761

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- A new book co-edited by Laura L. Jackson, associate professor of biology at the University of Northern Iowa, has become the first to offer viable solutions for protecting and restoring biodiversity on private agricultural land. The book, 'The Farm as Natural Habitat: Reconnecting Food Systems with Ecosystems,' was released by Island Press.

'There are a number of farmers who are already proving that they can farm profitably while also enhancing the habitat,' said Laura Jackson. 'It is not necessary to strip the landscape of all of its original vegetation and wildlife in order to feed ourselves.'

Jackson said the book offers compelling examples of an alternative agriculture that can produce not only healthful food, but functioning ecosytems and abundant populations of native species. The book is available from Island Press, 1-800-828-1302 or