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Scam alert -- UNI name used in apparent check scam

August 7, 2012

James O'Connor, University Relations, 319-273-2761,


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- University of Northern Iowa officials have learned of an apparent check-cashing scam using the university's return address. According to the UNI Police, two envelopes recently were returned to the university containing bogus checks.

The mailings each included a check and instructions that direct recipients to go to a website to learn what to do with the check. The website tells people to deposit the check and send the funds via Western Union to an address in California.

"If you receive this mailing, do not cash or deposit the check," said Milissa Wright, UNI interim director of public safety. "If you have already cashed or deposited a check, contact your local law enforcement agency. In addition, we're asking people to report the fraud to the FBI via the Internet Crime Complaint Center at"