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Malcolm Price Laboratory School urges students to walk to school

September 30, 2003

Nadene Davidson, director, Malcolm Price Laboratory School, (319) 273-6171
Dave Smith, interim secondary principal, Malcolm Price Laboratory School, (319) 273-2514
Judy Lemke, instructor, Malcolm Price Laboratory School, (319) 273-2291
Gwenne Culpepper, University Marketing & Public Relations, (319) 273-2761

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- The University of Northern Iowa's Malcolm Price Laboratory School (MPLS) will participate in 'Walk To School Day,' on Wednesday, Oct. 8. The event is a city-wide effort designed to encourage regular physical activity among school-age children.

Nadene Davidson, MPLS director, said, 'Today only one out of 10 trips to school are made by walking or bicycling. Twenty percent of school-age children are overweight. Studies tell us repeatedly that school-age children do not get enough exercise and are increasingly obese. This is just one way that Price Lab can promote healthy living, physical activity and health in general.'

Students who live too far away from school to walk are being encouraged to have their parents drop them off at Seerley Park, where adult leaders will meet them for a group walk to school.

'PLS uses an integrated approach to teach healthy lifestyles,' said Davidson. 'In our Wellness/PE classes, students study healthy lifestyles. Our Life Skills class is coordinating some of the planning as a service project. This class is planning activities for students at the parks while the groups are waiting for everyone to arrive and begin the walk. And plans are being made to have high-school students mentor elementary students in the walk. There also will be special activities at school when we return to campus.'

'Walk to School Day' is sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Local sponsors are the city of Cedar Falls, Cedar Falls Community Schools, Cedar Falls Utilities, UNI's Global Health Corps, Luann Alemao and Associates, Northern University High School, St. Patrick School, the University of Northern Iowa, and WalMart.